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Measuring the Impact and ROI of Patient Engagement Programs


Kelly Niileksela, Quality Manager at Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center, shares his experience of implementing a new patient engagement program, and the impact it has had from a patient access, care delivery, and financial standpoint. He’ll explain the strategies and processes he has put in place to drive access as well as to identify and close gaps with at-risk patients.


How Family Health Center of Worcester Solved for After-Hours Care


Dr. Rebecca Blumhofer, MD and Sr. Application Analyst Amanda Ryder share their experience of transforming their after-hours care program, and the impact it has had on their health center’s providers, patients, and bottom line. They explain how partnering with HealthTalk A.I. has allowed them to advance their mission of driving access and outcomes for Greater Worcester residents.


How a Level 1 Trauma Center Did a 180 Turnaround in Patient Experience

Dr. Bahareh Aslani, MD from Inova Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church, Virginia shares the steps her Emergency Medicine practice took to quickly boost Inova Fairfax Hospital’s HCAHPS and reduce 72-hour returns. She’ll explain how their partnership with HealthTalk A.I. has created new opportunities and positively impacted their patients, providers, and bottom line. 

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How to Gather, Analyze and Use Patient Experience Data to Impact Care

Dr. Elizabeth James, MD explains how Keystone is using advanced technology and  patient experience data to impact care and  identify opportunities for improvement.


Access to Care in the “New Normal”

The Quality team at Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center explains how they’re engaging their patient population and optimizing virtual care delivery amid COVID-19.


Leveraging Health Technology to Adapt to Pandemic Care Needs

Dr. Paul Tripathi, MD explains the processes and technology he has put in place to boost patient volume and to improve ED follow up and patient satisfaction at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital.

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Engage Patients. Measure Experience. Impact Care at Scale.

Dr. Tanveer Gaibi, MD explains how he leverages HealthTalk A.I. at Inova Fairfax Hospital to measure patient experience, impact patient care, and improve their HCAHPS scores.

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