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How Family Health Center of Worcester Solved for After-Hours Care 

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Join us as Dr. Rebecca Blumhofer, MD and Senior Application Analyst Amanda Ryder share their experience of transforming their after-hours care program, and the impact it has had on their health center’s providers, patients, and bottom line. They explain how partnering with HealthTalk A.I. -- and implementing new technology and processes -- has allowed them to advance their mission of driving access and outcomes for Greater Worcester residents.

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We have been able to create a simple and streamlined workflow in a very short amount of time that allows our patients to be seen in a timely manner, at any time, without leaving their homes.


Amanda Ryder
Senior Application Analyst at Family Health Center of Worcester

Learn how AI-scheduling and on-demand Telehealth can create sustainable value for your patients and your healthcare organization.


  • How to streamline your on-call after-hours Telehealth process

  • Innovative strategies for triaging patients and quickly connecting those needing care to on-call clinicians

  • How to measure the financial impact of your after-hours care program


  • Healthcare providers

  • Operation and IT roles

  • Quality improvement roles

  • Leadership and management

  • Primary Care Association and HCCN staff


Dr. Rebecca Blumhofer, MD
Family Medicine Physician
Family Health Center of Worcester

Amanda Ryder
Senior Application Analyst 
Family Health Center of Worcester

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