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Measuring the Impact and ROI of Patient Engagement Programs 

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Join us as Kelly Niileksela, Director of Clinical Operations at Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center, shares his experience of implementing a new patient engagement program, and the impact it has had from a patient access, care delivery, and financial standpoint. He’ll explain the strategies and processes he has put in place to drive access as well as to identify and close gaps with at-risk patients.

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Kelly Niileksela
Director of Clinical Operations at Upper Great Lakes Family Center

Learn how a patient engagement program can create sustainable value for your patients and your healthcare organization.


  • New strategies for identifying patients who need care and for closing care gaps 

  • How to utilize patient responses to keep EHR and data systems up to date on quality metrics

  • How to measure the financial impact of your patient engagement program


  • Healthcare providers

  • Operation and IT roles

  • Quality improvement roles

  • Leadership and management

  • Primary Care Association and HCCN staff

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