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A Physician’s Perspective on How to Gather, Analyze and Use Patient Experience Data to Impact Care

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Tune in to learn how Keystone Healthcare Partners has transformed their client hospital programs by leveraging technology to inform patient satisfaction scores as lagging indicators of provider performance. Learn about Keystone’s provider-centric approach to HealthTalk A.I. deployment and how the Medical Leadership Team has identified areas of opportunity across a diverse client portfolio by capturing and analyzing real-time patient satisfaction and provider feedback data, categorized by demographic groups, to inform the co-creation of strategic initiatives with hospital administration.

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Looking at healthcare is like looking through the lens of a kaleidoscope. There is constant change and the contents must work together in harmony and balance with each turn. The changing dynamics in the industry are like revolutions of the kaleidoscope that allow us to architect the most diverse and beautiful solutions for our clients and their patients. 


Dr. Elizabeth James, MD, FACEP
Director of Emergency Medicine Telehealth 
Keystone Healthcare Partners

Learn how to measure patient experience data and identify opportunities for improvement!


  • How to take a provider-centric approach to change management that yields improved patient satisfaction

  • How to gain buy-in from multiple stakeholders and implement data-driven change

  • Learnings from the field – what we tried, what we learned, and what we recommend


  • Emergency Medicine & Hospital leadership

  • Patient Experience roles

  • Quality improvement roles

  • Executives concerned with patient retention and preventing unnecessary returns



Dr. Elizabeth James, MD, FACEP
Director of Emergency Medicine Telehealth
Keystone Healthcare Partners


Dr. Melissa King, DNP, FNP-BC, ENP-BC
SVP, Client Services & Telehealth
Keystone Healthcare Partners

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