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Monitor your entire population (including rising risk patients) and identify and automate actions to better manage them. Whether you’re targeting patients due for cancer screenings or patients with pre-diabetes, HealthTalk A.I. provides you with the tools needed to automate scheduling and deliver comprehensive preventive care programs.


For example, FQHC client Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center recently launched a 5-week cancer screening and increased their screening by 73%. Here are the details:


  • 1,005 patients contacted with 336 completing survey

  • 192 responded “Yes" to scheduling and 141 PAPs received

  • 31 patients had not been seen in over a year

  • 129 responded “No” to scheduling, resulting in 129 avoided cold calls

  • 2 treatable diagnoses identified

  • 5-week campaign revenue equated to 94% of their annual subscription


If you would like to learn more about this campaign, as well as the ROI impact they have experienced since implementing HealthTalk A.I., check out this webinar.

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