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Today’s Patients Want Connected Care and Digital Access

According to a recent study published by CVS Health, more patients than ever are seeking a better connected health care experience. In its 5th year of publication, the 2022 Health Care Insights Study (HCIS) analyzed the survey results of over 2000 consumer and 400 provider participants from across the country.

The report showed that, post pandemic, consumers are taking more ownership of their health and are also wanting providers to recognize and understand their busy lifestyles. Patients are seeking an integrated health care experience that goes beyond the 4 walls and expands virtual and digital access to care. There is also a renewed interest in preventive care and health goals — and patients want their care to reflect this.

Key stats included in the study:

  • 59% of patients said it’s important to their health to have access to virtual and telehealth services.

  • 35% of patients are very likely to consider a virtual visit if a physical exam were not needed.

  • 88% of patients said automated appointment reminders by phone or text were important.

The report emphasized the importance of collaboration and teamwork between patients and care teams — are how it is key to patients achieving their health goals.

This type of engagement is especially important when it comes to chronic care management. In a recent Healthcare Strategies podcast, Aetna SVP of Clinical Operations, Julie Bietsch, used diabetes treatment as an example and explained how these patients’ care plans typically involve at least 10 different types of health care professionals and the importance of delivering a personal and well-coordinated experience.

“People need help accessing and coordinating all the information provided to them,” Bietsch said. “The key is you have to make the solution more personalized, resolve the barriers a person faces, and connect care with the solution people can implement.”

HealthTalk A.I. exists for this very reason. Our patient engagement platform uses a proven methodology to deliver personalized outreach at scale. By leveraging the mobile tool nearly every patient has in their pocket (or purse), our provider partners are able to substantially improve connection rates and drive the encounters that matter most. Our bi-directional proprietary bot technology allows patients to engage at their own pace and time. This is key to any meaningful interaction, automated or live.

In addition, our platform enhances accessibility and inclusivity by prompting interaction in the patient’s preferred language and with ease of use that has led to an increase of up to 10x for completed conversations.

We help our providers better manage their chronic care patients and identify and intervene with at-risk patients at scale by connecting them to the right resource, at the right time. This level of engagement helps providers keep their schedules full and improve health outcomes.

Some of HealthTalk A.I.’s other capabilities include:

  • Call Center Assist to reduce patient on-hold wait times and front-end workload

  • Digital Front Door (SMS & Web) to provide more access points and flexibility – while also removing manual and administrative tasks for staff

  • In-network appointment scheduling to prevent leakage

  • Digitized intake to reduce administrative workload and improve the patient experience

  • Tele-triage and load balancing to increase throughput and reduce walkouts

  • Automated follow up and transitional care management to promote better outcomes and reduce unnecessary returns

  • Patient service recovery to protect brand reputation and boost quality scores

Interested in learning more? Contact us to discuss your patient engagement and access priorities!


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