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HealthTalk A.I. Announces Strategic Partnership with MUSE

HealthTalk A.I. is excited to partner with the Medical Users Software Exchange (MUSE), a dynamic community comprising MEDITECH users and related professionals dedicated to knowledge sharing and advancement. As a vital hub for networking and performance enhancement in healthcare organizations, MUSE facilitates interactions among its members.


Through this partnership, HealthTalk A.I. joins a cohort of health IT companies amplifying MEDITECH's capabilities, thereby empowering associated hospitals to achieve heightened accessibility, efficiency, and profitability.


"We're delighted to align forces with MUSE to bring our cutting-edge AI patient engagement technology to over 700 MEDITECH hospitals. This collaboration represents a pivotal step in revolutionizing patient access and transformations in hospital operations,” said Jerrod Ullah, CEO & founder of HealthTalk A.I.


With traditional engagement and scheduling methods often resulting in frustration among both patients and healthcare staff, the introduction of HealthTalk A.I.'s platform marks a paradigm shift in access and coordination of care. Harnessing the power of AI, HealthTalk A.I. streamlines staff workflows and enhances accessibility, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions including bi-directional engagement in any language, AI scheduling, and Smart Intake™. These capabilities enable hospitals and health systems to automate follow-up, intervene at scale, retain patients in the network, and much more.


For further information on HealthTalk A.I.’s partnership with MUSE, visit HealthTalkAI/MEDITECH.

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