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HealthTalk A.I. Selects Redox to Accelerate EHR Integration

Reston, Virginia — HealthTalk A.I., a leading patient engagement company, today announced that they have adopted Redox’s full-service integration platform to securely and efficiently exchange pertinent health-related and scheduling data with their clients’ EHR systems. This investment immediately connects HealthTalk A.I. to more than 90 EHR and practice management systems.

According to HealthTalk A.I., seamless EHR integration has always been a top priority. It makes their platform more convenient to implement and allows their clients to increase workflow efficiency and maximize their EHR investments.

“EHR integration can be very complex and time consuming,” said Jason Hansen, Chief Technology Officer at HealthTalk A.I. “With Redox, we can expedite the process and bring value to our clients that much faster."

“Integrating HealthTalk A.I. doesn’t just mean real-time tracking of patient engagement from within the EHR,” Hansen continued. “We’ll leverage their scheduling configurations, document encounters and streamline patient check-in to give their staff a complete picture of the patient’s healthcare journey in a centralized location.”

About HealthTalk A.I.

HealthTalk A.I. helps healthcare providers improve access to care and intervene like never before possible. Their fully-automated, omni-channel platform delivers user-friendly communication with messages and rules configured by each healthcare organization. This gives providers the ability to engage their entire population and close the loop with customer recovery actions and clinical encounters. To learn more, visit

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