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HealthTalk A.I. Partners with Ambitna to Revolutionize Clinical Trials

Reston, VA - HealthTalk A.I., a leading patient engagement company, today announced its partnership with Ambitna, a global technology company dedicated to advancing healthcare through its innovative clinical trials infrastructure. This collaboration marks HealthTalk A.I.'s entrance into the clinical trials space, furthering its mission to streamline patient-provider connections and improve healthcare outcomes.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a focus on health equity, Ambitna aims to reduce health disparities and improve access to clinical research for all. Remy Szykier, President of Ambitna, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to partner with HealthTalk A.I. By integrating their AI patient engagement platform with Ambitna's robust clinical trials infrastructure, we can empower patients to play a more active role in their healthcare journey, leading to less dropouts and better outcomes for all.”

Jerrod Ullah, CEO and Founder of HealthTalk A.I., shared her enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, "At HealthTalk A.I., we believe that patient engagement is paramount in driving successful clinical trials. Our collaboration with Ambitna allows us to combine our expertise in AI patient engagement with Ambitna's innovative clinical trials offering, ultimately revolutionizing the way clinical research is conducted."

HealthTalk A.I.'s AI patient engagement platform alleviates many of the administrative burdens associated with clinical trial adherence by automating actions to recruit, monitor, and support patients throughout their paths to health and wellness. With Ambitna's visionary approach to healthcare and HealthTalk A.I.'s innovative technology, this partnership is poised to revolutionize the clinical trials landscape.

About Ambitna

Ambitna is a U.S. headquartered, global technology company committed to advancing healthcare through a robust clinical trials infrastructure. Their ambitious approach to accelerating innovation begins with clinical research, aiming to reach people where they are and improve health equity in clinical trials, thereby reducing health disparities. At Ambitna, they're not just reimagining healthcare; they're revolutionizing it. To learn more, visit


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