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HealthTalk A.I. Introduces Emergent Telehealth Capabilities

Reston, Virginia — HealthTalk A.I., a leading patient engagement company, announced today the addition of on-demand Telehealth and Tele-EMS capabilities to its platform. This enhancement enables healthcare organizations to connect patients with on-call clinicians expeditiously.

Unlike traditional telemedicine tools, this breakthrough:

  • Advances ET3 delivery, providing on-scene Emergency Department (ED) support

  • Reduces 72-hour ED returns and hospital readmissions

  • Streamlines your on-call after hours Telehealth process

“Although many practices are using Telehealth in some capacity, this is different,” stated Jerrod Ullah, founder & CEO of HealthTalk A.I. “Patients can now connect with a local physician almost instantaneously. From a transformation standpoint, we like to think of this as ‘Uber for health care’ in which there are multiple use cases for driving access; from allowing health centers to automate a 24/7 Urgent Care Telehealth program to supporting ET3 Para-Telemedicine to reducing 72-hour returns to the ED, so many healthcare institutions can benefit from this,” added Ullah.

This functionality was first implemented with forward-thinking HealthTalk A.I. partner, Keystone Healthcare Partners (Keystone Healthcare), a leading provider of emergency medicine and hospital medicine physician staffing and management service for hospitals. Keystone Healthcare partnered with Mercy Flight EMS to connect their in-house and on-call ED physicians with Mercy Flight’s paramedics. Keystone Healthcare also leverages HealthTalk A.I.’s functionality on behalf of hospital partners to improve the post-discharge and patient sentiment scoring processes.

“This capability is a win-win,” said Melissa King, DNP, FNP-BC, ENP-BC, VP of Telehealth, Patient Access, and Connected Care for Keystone Healthcare. “Now our providers can intervene while paramedics are on scene; patients receive quicker patient-to-provider interaction and EMS providers can be much more efficient by returning to service faster. HealthTalk A.I. has enabled our vision of what virtual care should look like in emergency medicine.”

To learn more about Keystone Healthcare’s Tele-EMS program, read their recent press release.

Learn more about CMS’ ET3 Para-Telemedicine payment model here.

About Keystone Healthcare Keystone Healthcare Partners (Keystone Healthcare) is a leading provider of Emergency Medicine, Hospital Medicine, and Telehealth clinical management services and staffing solutions for hospitals. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida and with additional offices in Plano, Texas and Memphis, Tennessee, Keystone Healthcare efficiently delivers high-quality, patient-centered care through strong physician leadership and involved management that drive our innovative and integrated business model and performance metrics. Visit KeystoneHealthcare.

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