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Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center

How Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center used HealthTalk A.I. to engage their population and expand access to care. 


  • Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) located in Rural Upper Michigan

  • 12 locations

  • 37 providers 

  • 27K patients 


With locations throughout the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center (UGL) needed a better way to scale outreach and connect with their remote, underserved population.

When COVID-19 first hit, they were still relying on their staff to make cold calls and send letters. Between tracking sticky notes and waiting on callbacks, they were trying to manage and reconcile everything within excel spreadsheets.

They needed to find a two-way patient engagement and Telehealth solution that could be implemented quickly.


Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center (UGL) partnered with HealthTalk A.I. to deliver A.I. assisted, two-way communication. With time being of essence, they needed a quick and effective way to disperse COVID-19 testing information and automate drive-thru scheduling; HealthTalk A.I. was able to get them up and running within a matter of days.

By removing technological barriers, such as cumbersome apps and patient portal logins, UGL found their population adoption rate to be overwhelmingly high. In their very first campaign, 75% of patients responded. Taking into consideration their demographic, which includes an aging population, this was very encouraging.

As COVID-19 has continued to play out, UGL has utilized HealthTalk A.I. for general vaccine outreach, vaccine waiting lists, and vaccine scheduling. They have also been able to monitor patients following vaccine administration and intervene, when necessary, with HealthTalk A.I.’s on-demand Telehealth capability.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic initiated the partnership with HealthTalk A.I., UGL has now begun leveraging the platform for various population health campaigns to identify and close care gaps for patients due for A1C, PAPs, etc.


HealthTalk A.I. has helped UGL improve access to care, drive quality and revenue, and intervene like never before possible.

After using the platform for two months for COVID-19, diabetes, and behavioral health related initiatives, UGL produced the following results:

31,780 patients engaged
10,345 virtual encounters
94% Telehealth response rate 

446,607 messages sent & received 

Subsequent 5-Week Cancer Screening Campaign results:

73% year-over-year increase in cancer screenings

1,005 patients contacted with 336 completing survey
192 responded “Yes" to scheduling and 141 PAPs received
31 patients had not been seen in over a year
129 responded “No” to scheduling, resulting in 129 avoided cold calls
2 treatable diagnoses identified
5-week campaign revenue equated to 94% of their annual subscription 

Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 4.04.57 PM.png

Kelly Niileksela
Director of Clinical Operations
Upper Great Lakes Family Center

HealthTalk A.I. has helped us increase our

cancer screenings by 73%.

"HealthTalk A.I. has been instrumental in helping us engage our population throughout this pandemic; we know many of our patients have been putting off visits, which has left many of our locations searching for alternative ways to reach and retain the ones who are actually seeking care. This is one more way we can help impact outcomes, and we hope that it also keeps patients bonded to our practices."

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