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Patient Pay is another interaction type that allows healthcare organizations to leverage our bot technology to collect payments - and identify any gaps in terms of financial need.


  • Effortless Payment Collection: When a patient's payment is due, HealthTalk A.I.'s bot assesses the patient's financial capabilities. If the patient can pay, they receive a secure link to make the payment.

  • User-Friendly Experience: Patients can easily complete the payment process by clicking the secure link, which displays the exact amount due and the reason for payment. This streamlined approach eliminates the need for downloading apps, logging into portals, or referencing paper statements.

  • Versatile Payment Options: HealthTalk A.I.'s Patient Pay offers the flexibility to accept multiple payment methods, making it more convenient for patients to settle their accounts.


Moreover, HealthTalk A.I. places a strong emphasis on the security of patient data and payment information. Key security features such as encryption, PCI compliance, and tokenization have been implemented to safeguard against potential loss of cardholder data, ensuring the privacy and safety of sensitive information.


HealthTalk A.I.'s Patient Pay provides significant benefits for healthcare organizations, including:


  • Accelerated Cash Flow: Streamlining the payment process ensures quicker receipt of funds, helping healthcare providers maintain a healthy cash flow.

  • Reduced Collection Costs: The elimination of manual, time-consuming payment collection methods can significantly reduce operational costs.

  • Enhanced Patient Experience: Patients no longer need to navigate complex payment systems or search for paper statements, leading to a more satisfactory experience.

To see our Patient Pay capability in action, you can register to watch a short demo here.

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