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Meet the online healthcare shopper right where they are, when it matters most. Not only does convenience technology free clinicians from administrative work, it delights patients with the access to health care they expect. 


Beyond SMS patient engagement, HealthTalk A.I. also digitizes a healthcare organization’s most consequential access point (their website) — making it easier for patients to connect and attain the services they provide. Clinicians are busy and resources are limited; therefore, we equip practices with a more ‘open’ digital front door, enabling 24/7 service for things such as: 


  • Scheduling callbacks

  • Scheduling In-person, eVisits or Telehealth 

  • Communicating general practice-related information


Providers have the ability to customize their networks based on patient proximity, services offered at specific locations, and more. And, our geo capabilities deliver valuable insights into service opportunities where populations are requesting large volumes of services not widely offered.

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