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Connect patients to your on-call clinicians expeditiously. 


Our queue-based system connects patients directly to providers on-demand and at your healthcare organization's discretion. It allows for load balancing of resources so staff don’t have to watch a queue — because we text them. We like to think of it as “rideshare for health care.” 


The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that Telehealth is here to stay. HealthTalk A.I.’s on-demand Telehealth capability has a plethora of use cases. And here are a few examples of how our clients are using it:


  • Primary Care practices are streamlining their on-call after hours Telehealth process 

  • PCP providers are collaborating with specialists (virtually) to determine next steps for certain patients.

  • Emergency Medicine practices are using it for surge support by triaging patients virtually - Learn more 

  • Emergency Medicine practices are providing on-demand Telehealth visits as part on their follow-up strategy to reduce hospital readmissions or unnecessary returns.

  • Emergency Medicine practices are advancing ET3 delivery by providing paramedics with on-scene ED support

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