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HealthTalk A.I. Introduces Health Equity Management & Vaccine Rollout Capabilities

Updated: May 18, 2021

Reston, VA — HealthTalk A.I., a leading patient engagement and relationship technology company, today announced the addition of vaccination workflows to its robust patient outreach platform. These new enhancements build on the company’s mission to close gaps and improve access to care.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted many inequities within our nation’s healthcare system, and the process of distributing vaccines at such a large scale is no different. With healthcare practices across the country currently scrambling to find the most effective way to administer vaccines to their senior populations, it is evident that there is a dire need for reaching more patients quickly, providing an easier way for scheduling, and taking administrative workload off of healthcare staff.

“Throughout this pandemic, we have relied heavily on our partnership with

HealthTalk A.I.,” said Kelly Niileksela, Quality Manager at Upper Great Lakes

Family Health Center. “They initially helped us quickly set up and expand our

ability to deliver virtual care, and now they will be helping us roll out our vaccines. I really don’t know how we could be doing something this strategic without the

tools they provide.”

The HealthTalk A.I. platform helps providers administer COVID-19 vaccines by providing:

  • Proactive outreach and self-scheduling via text

  • Fully-customizable patient engagement workflows

  • Automated eligibility screening

  • Automated reminders & rescheduling capabilities

  • Automated post-vaccination symptom surveillance

  • Automated follow up and scheduling of second doses

  • Dynamic dashboards to track vaccine success

“We’re excited about our new vaccine administration workflows and how they’re helping our providers continue the COVID fight,” said Jerrod Ullah, founder & CEO of HealthTalk A.I. “Our customers have continued to challenge us to advance our capabilities and we’re happy to be bringing this new functionality to the front lines, and doing what we can to improve access to care for one of our most vulnerable populations.”

For more information regarding HealthTalk A.I.’s vaccine administration and health equity management capabilities, visit

About HealthTalk A.I.

HealthTalk A.I. is a patient relationship and outreach platform built to help healthcare providers maximize patient communication, improve follow-up care and gain insight into patient experience at scale. Its fully-automated, text-based system delivers user-friendly communication with specific messages and rules dictated by each healthcare organization. It gives providers the ability to engage 100% of their population and close the loop with telehealth services — further decreasing risk and amplifying quality of care impact. To learn more about HealthTalk A.I., please visit

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