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HealthTalk A.I. Adds Referral Management & Patient Acquisition Capabilities

Reston, VA — HealthTalk A.I., a leading patient engagement technology company, today announced the addition of referral management and patient acquisition enhancements to its platform. These capabilities give health care providers a flexible and scalable way to improve access to care while also retaining patients within network.

“We’re thrilled to be adding this new functionality for our customers,” said Jerrod Ullah, founder & CEO of HealthTalk A.I. “Patient acquisition and referral management are gaps many of our clients have been trying to close, and to be able to deliver a more innovative way of doing it is something that excites us.”

“From a patient perspective, web-based searches are cumbersome at best. Now patients can be directed to the level of care they need based on their geo location. We believe this is a game changer for patients,” added Ullah.

The HealthTalk A.I. platform enables providers to customize their networks based on patient proximity, services offered at specific locations, and more. Practices can also gain valuable insights into service opportunities where populations are requesting large volumes of services not widely offered.

“We’re really excited about the referral management upgrades HealthTalk A.I. has added. We were looking for a solution to help automate routing and scheduling of new and existing patients to our organization,” said Kelly Niileksela, Quality Manager at Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center.

“HealthTalk has been instrumental in helping us engage our population throughout this pandemic; we know many of our patients have been putting off visits, which has left many of our locations searching for alternative ways to reach and retain the ones who are actually seeking care. This is one more way we can help impact outcomes, and we hope that it also keeps patients bonded to our practices,” continued Niileksela.

These solution enhancements have also led to a new partnership with Georgia Primary Care Association (GPCA). The association can now automate referrals to its member health center locations. “We saw an opportunity to utilize HealthTalk A.I.'s platform in a unique way to help our members better connect with patients near them who are looking for the services they provide,” said Dev Watson, Chief Information Officer for GPCA. “Our mission is to improve access to comprehensive primary health care services for all medically underserved Georgians, and we feel like this initiative aligns perfectly with that.”

About HealthTalk A.I.

HealthTalk A.I. helps healthcare providers maximize patient communication, improve follow-up, and gain insight into patient experience at scale. Its fully-automated, text-based system delivers user-friendly communication with specific messages and rules dictated by each organization. It gives providers the ability to engage 100% of their population and close the loop with telehealth services — further decreasing risk and amplifying quality of care impact. To learn more, visit

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