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Our clients are driving access and creating powerful outcomes using AI patient engagement.

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AI-scheduled Telehealth by HealthTalk A.I.
Kelly Niileksela, Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center

Kelly Niileksela
Director of Clinical Operations
Upper Great Lakes Family Center

HealthTalk A.I. has helped us increase our

cancer screenings by 73%.

"HealthTalk A.I. has been instrumental in helping us engage our population throughout this pandemic; we know many of our patients have been putting off visits, which has left many of our locations searching for alternative ways to reach and retain the ones who are actually seeking care. This is one more way we can help impact outcomes, and we hope that it also keeps patients bonded to our practices."

After using the platform for only two months for COVID-19, diabetes, and behavioral health related initiatives, Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center produced the following results:

31,780 patients engaged
10,345 virtual encounters
94% Telehealth response rate 

446,607 messages sent & received 

Subsequent 5-Week Cancer Screening Campaign results:

73% year-over-year increase in cancer screenings

1,005 patients contacted with 336 completing survey
192 responded “Yes" to scheduling and 141 PAPs received
31 patients had not been seen in over a year
129 responded “No” to scheduling, resulting in 129 avoided cold calls
2 treatable diagnoses identified
5-week campaign revenue equated to 94% of their annual subscription 

On-Demand Webinar: Measuring the Impact and ROI of Patient Engagement Programs

Kelly Niileksela, Director of Clinical Operations at Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center, shares his experience of implementing a new patient engagement program, and the impact it has had from a patient access, care delivery, and financial standpoint. He explains the strategies and processes he has put in place to drive access as well as to identify and close gaps with at-risk patients.

Learn how AI-assisted patient engagement can create sustainable value for your patients and your healthcare organization


  • New strategies for identifying patients who needs care and for closing care gaps 

  • How to utilize patient responses to keep EHR and data systems up to date on quality metrics

  • How to measure the financial impact of your patient engagement program

Webinar: Measuring the impact & ROI of patient engagement programs featuring Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center

Dr. Bahareh Aslani, MD
Envision Physician Services


"Now, more than ever, there is a real clinical need to follow up with patients showing COVID-19 symptoms. HealthTalk A.I. has helped us for more than a year with scheduling physician follow up based on experience or quality issues post discharge. They are now helping us automate, schedule, and deliver Telehealth. This is something we could not do before and they’ve made it exceptionally easy to use!"

"Our HCAHPS scores have jumped 49 points and the only thing we’ve done differently is add HealthTalk A.I."

Dr. Tanveer Gaibi, MD
Envision Physician Services

HealthTalk A.I. has helped Envision Physician Services improve the patient experience, quality, and drive revenue while intervening like never before possible.


49% HCAHPS improvement (after only 2 months)

PX-related callbacks have increased to an average of 67 per month


Less than 3% return rate
3936 patients contacted for Telehealth encounters (after only 2 months)

Download Brochure 

Explore the capabilities leveraged by healthcare organizations such as Envision Physician Services:

  • In-network appointment scheduling to prevent leakage

  • Tele-triage and load balancing to increase throughput and reduce walkouts

  • Transitional care management (TCM) to promote outcomes and reduce unnecessary returns

  • Patient followup and service recovery 

HealthTalk A.I. Brochure for Hospitals & Emergency Practices

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