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We're changing the way healthcare organizations and patients connect

Optimize Your Practice With One Single Platform

Digitized Intake

Bi-Directional Engagement

Automated Scheduling

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Drive Patient Access & Close Care Gaps

Too many patients face barriers when trying to access meaningful and timely care. There are other patients being forgotten altogether. Healthcare practices must now look into more convenient care options and other services to drive the access today’s patients need. This eBook explains the top 5 things practices need to be thinking about.

Top 5 Things to Drive Patient Access & Close Care Gaps eBook graphic

Download this eBook to learn:

  • Why access to care is too difficult and what your practice can do to overcome these challenges

  • How access to care empowers patients and promotes beneficial relationships with providers

  • Why taking a broad approach is key

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AI Patient Engagement

Smartphone graphic illustrating AI-assisted patient engagement workflow. Care gap closure. Automated appointment scheduling. Patient messaging system.

Key Benefits:

  • Scale your practice:  Increase efficiency by automating time-consuming workflows, so your staff can work smarter, not harder. Engage and serve many more patients.

  • Improve outcomes:  Facilitate access and drive clinical encounters by directing patients to the right resource and/or level of care. Extend your services and provide greater flexibility by incorporating a digital front door strategy.

  • Reduce no-shows:  Make it easy for patients to confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments. Keep your schedule full by quickly identifying appointments that won’t happen and getting someone from your waitlist scheduled immediately.

All-Language Support

HIPAA Secure

Integrated Telehealth

EHR Integration

Free Brochure & Case Study

Explore the unique capabilities of HealthTalk A.I. and learn how Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center used the platform to drive access, quality, and revenue.  

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Patient engagement platform brochure & case study graphic.
Quote graphic: HealthTalk A.I. helped us increase our cancer screenings by 73% in only 5 weeks!

HealthTalk A.I. helped us increase our cancer screenings by 73% in only 5 weeks!

Brochure & Case Study

Integrated Telehealth (Outreach & Scheduling)

Telehealth outreach & scheduling via SMS capability

Open a New Revenue Stream With On-Demand Telehealth!

Automate your after-hours, on-call resources

Deliver surge support with Tele-triage

Fill no-shows during office hours, immediately

Integrated Telehealth by HealthTalk A.I.

  • Eliminate administrative workload by automating the Telehealth scheduling process

  • Monitor progress and reduce unnecessary returns with easy Telehealth follow-up consults

  • Increase patient adoption with no cumbersome logins or apps to download

Seamless EHR Integration

HealthTalk A.I. connects to more than 90 EHR and practice management systems allowing you to increase workflow efficiency and maximize that investment.

HealthTalk A.I. EHR Integration graphic.

Our most popular integrations:



  • In-person     

  • Telehealth

  • E-visits



  • Patient conversations

  • Care management

  • Encounters

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