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Smart Intake   (Digital Patient Intake)


Remove the bottlenecks and frustration created by manual patient intake processes. 


Replace pens, clipboards, and repeat forms with digital records and online forms your patients can complete before they arrive. Your patients will be more prepared, allowing your staff to focus on patient care — not document scanning or data entry. 

HealthTalk A.I. digitizes:

  • Consent Forms

  • Patient Registration

  • Insurance Verification

  • Uploading Documents, i.e. clinical images


Beyond these more standard digital intake capabilities, HealthTalk A.I. takes digital patient intake to a whole new level by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI). This cutting-edge capability, known as Smart Intake™, intelligently navigates EMRs and the HealthTalk A.I. platform to minimize redundant forms and tailor the intake process to each patient's unique needs.


For instance, the HealthTalk A.I. AI bot can distinguish between new and existing patients, determining which forms are actually required for completion. If a patient had a previous appointment, for example, the system would understand that and identify the forms that do not require re-completion. Utilizing HealthTalk A.I.’s Smart Intake™, the AI bot would then deliver a customized bundle to the patient based on their encounter type and the forms that are currently due. By reducing duplicate requests, Smart Intake™ not only enhances efficiency, but it also reduces patient frustration and saves money by reducing any associated electronic signature fees.

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