Drive HEDIS measures, effortlessly, by allowing patients to seamlessly self-select and self-schedule their preventive health exams. Get better operational insight into your volume of exams, while improving your patient access experience and driving higher revenue.



In order to measure quality of care, the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) set up guidelines for incentives for health plans and providers to drive preventive care, such as colorectal and breast cancer screenings. The problem is the radiological center, the primary care center and the patient are all disjointed.


There are many obstacles for the patient to get the exam done in timely matter. The patient needs to first have a primary care visit, get a paper order for the screening exam, find an exam location that takes their insurance, call the center, and then make the appointment. There is no way for the ordering physician to know if the exam was done, except when a result is sent via fax to the primary care office. The primary care center gives the paper order to the patient and hopes for the best. The radiological center has no real understanding of who is sending patients, what the volume will be month to month, unless the PCMH has a relationship with the radiological center.


The results of this disjointed process is that the patients, PCMH and radiological centers are hoping everyone finds their way to getting these important preventative screenings done. The PMCHs and the radiological centers are betting on very motivated patients to do the right thing.



Patient Exam Assistant

Following a physician order for a preventive exam, the patient exam assistant will text the patient, start a conversation, gather basic patient preferences and schedule a preventive exam with the patient.

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Exam Reminders

When the exam is coming up, our exam reminders will confirm the patient is coming and assist them with directions and any other important information needed for a successful exam.

Exam Reschedule

Couldn’t make the exam? No problem, things happen. Our system will reach out, find out what the barriers were and reschedule another exam.

Home Nurse Examining Patient

Exam Follow-Up

Drive patient satisfaction and loyalty by creating recovery time and intervening before your patient goes somewhere else because of a bad experience. Know who had an unfortunate experience and why.

HEDIS Dashboard

Will you make your HEDIS numbers this year? No more number crunching and last minute push to reach your goals. Know how you're doing month-to-month, year-over-year.

Analysing the Numbers