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Envision Physician Services

How Envision Physician Services used HealthTalk A.I. to reduce their 72-hour returns and make their hospital's HCAHPS skyrocket!


  • Level 1 Trauma Center employing 117 doctors

  • 120,000 patients per year volume


A Level 1 Trauma Center, operating within a Metro DC hospital, needed an effective way to follow up with patients once they left the ER and went home. The hospital where the physician group was contracted was suffering from low HCAHPS scores.


In a first effort to improve patient satisfaction scores, the physician group (Envision Physician Services) enlisted their providers to manually call every discharged patient. This was not only time consuming, but it also produced very low connection rates. The providers and Envision’s leadership team were both frustrated with this inefficient process and its associated results. From a clinical standpoint, the lack of engagement was also impacting 72-hour return rates and overall outcomes.


With a lack of surveys — and the unreliable, 􏰀rear- view-mirror􏰁 data HCAHPS provides — Envision was finding it difficult to engage their clinicians in a meaningful way.


Envision Physician Services partnered with HealthTalk A.I. to deliver AI-assisted, bot-driven engagement to their discharged patients. To gain a better understanding of patient satisfaction and provider performance, they designed their questions to address specific areas related to provider care, nursing staff, and overall ED experience. When patients were confused or needed assistance, the HealthTalk A.I. platform automated the scheduling of clinician callbacks. While many of these callbacks were to swiftly and proactively address patient satisfaction issues, others were clinical in nature, i.e., clarifying test results or calling in RX as needed. The HealthTalk A.I. platform was also able to easily identify patients at risk of returning to the ER and schedule and initiate reimbursable Telehealth encounters.


HealthTalk A.I. has helped Envision Physician Services improve the patient experience, quality, and drive revenue while intervening like never before possible.


49% HCAHPS improvement (after only 2 months)

PX-related callbacks have increased to an average of 67 per month


Less than 3% return rate
3936 patients contacted for Telehealth encounters


Dr. Bahareh Aslani, MD
Envision Physician Services


"Now, more than ever, there is a real clinical need to follow up with patients showing COVID-19 symptoms. HealthTalk A.I. has helped us for more than a year with scheduling physician follow up based on experience or quality issues post discharge. They are now helping us automate, schedule, and deliver Telehealth. This is something we could not do before and they’ve made it exceptionally easy to use!"

"Our HCAHPS scores have jumped 49 points and the only thing we’ve done differently is add HealthTalk A.I."

Dr. Tanveer Gaibi, MD
Envision Physician Services

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