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As the COVID-19 crisis continues, we recognize that our clients — and healthcare providers in general — have become more focused than ever on delivering an effective and safe response to this new and unprecedented challenge. We are similarly focused here at HealthTalk A.I. We are continuously updating our software to address this crisis and align with CDC best practice recommendations.
At our core, we are a patient relationship and outreach platform built to help healthcare providers maximize communication. And now, more than ever, providers need a safe and efficient way to communicate with their patient populations. Below, are ways we are helping our clients leverage HealthTalk A.I. during this time.

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To improve patient access to information


Our providers are able to deliver up-to-date, standardized messages to their patients (in any
language). This helps them reduce patient anxiety, promote accurate information and decrease
risks related to potentially inaccurate information circulating in the public.

To reduce incoming call volume
Patients are given the ability to self-schedule at designated times and indicate the nature of their
inquiry. Based on the response, our solution schedules with the appropriate resource.

To automate triage questions & promote timely response


Patients can self-select and indicate their symptoms, and then be quickly routed to the
appropriate resource.

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To decrease potentially dangerous walk-ins


Via self-scheduling, our providers can give patients peace of mind that they will talk to a clinician
at a designated time (virtually), preventing potentially dangerous walk-ins.

To inform patients about virtual services &  obtain consent


Our providers can communicate with their patient populations regarding new care delivery
mechanisms, i.e. telehealth. Our tool also gives them the ability to easily obtain
acknowledgement of information and the consent needed to initiate delivery.

As the coronavirus situation continues to evolve, we will be thinking of even more ways we can help our clients assist their communities.

If you are not a HealthTalk A.I. customer and need help addressing any of the above issues, please contact us regarding our Emergency COVID-19 offer.


In response to COVID-19, we have begun delivering our solutions risk free (3 months free) to help healthcare organizations tackle this crisis. To learn how you can quickly, and cost-efficiently, implement a program at your facility, we encourage you to complete the form. Our team will connect with you to provide complete details, answer your specific questions, and give you a timetable for launch.

Emergency COVID-19 Offer:

Please complete the form below and a member of our team will reach out to you shortly.

About HealthTalk A.I.

HealthTalk A.I. is a patient relationship and outreach platform built to help healthcare providers maximize patient communication, improve follow-up care and gain insight into patient experience at scale. Its fully-automated, text-based system delivers user-friendly communication — with specific messages and rules dictated by each healthcare organization. It gives providers the ability to engage 100% of their population, further decreasing risk and amplifying quality of care impact.

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