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CarePoint Health

How CarePoint Health used HealthTalk A.I. to mitigate risk, reduce hospital readmissions, and drive patient retention. 


  • New Jersey-based healthcare system consisting of three hospitals located in Hudson County 

    • Bayonne Medical Center 

    • Christ Hospital 

    • Hoboken University Medical Center 

  • Employs more than 3,000 people, including 611 providers 

  • Provides acute, primary, and specialty care to the majority of the county’s population as well as surrounding counties and New York City 


A 2023 report by the National Association of Community Health Centers and the American Academy of Family Physicians found that more than 100 million Americans do not have a designated primary care physician. That’s nearly a third of the U.S. population — and a contributing factor to care transition breakdowns. 


Like many other healthcare systems, CarePoint Health needed to improve care transitions and patient retention. With patient leakage, on average, costing U.S. healthcare systems 10% in revenue each year, providing better transitions of care was of utmost importance — not only from a financial standpoint but from a clinical standpoint as well. 

Ultimately, CarePoint understood that poor patient experiences and access limitations impact leakage and negatively impact health outcomes. They needed a way to mitigate risk, reduce hospital readmissions, and drive patient retention.

Key factors included:

  • Understanding which patients had positive or negative experiences in real time 

  • Quickly determining which patients do not have a personal or family doctor 

  • Finding an easy way to connect those patients to the best in-network provider based on visit type, availability, proximity, insurance, and language 

  • Streamlining the scheduling process with patients and providers (utilizing two EMR systems) 


CarePoint partnered with HealthTalk A.I. to automate follow up to:

  • Monitor clinical trajectory post ED discharge

  • Support transitions of care

  • Schedule qualified patients for PCP visits (from Meditech into eClinicalWorks)

  • Improve the patient experience

The screenshot below shows the survey that CarePoint initially launched. One thing that CarePoint has appreciated is how easy it is to make changes. The questions, workflows, and any associated rules are 100% configurable. With this short survey, CarePoint is quickly identifying clinical and satisfaction issues, as well as determining if they can move forward with scheduling the patient within their health system’s network. In regard to scheduling, HealthTalk A.I.’s robust integration capabilities and convenience tech allows CarePoint’s patients to be discharged from one EMR and scheduled in another via secure SMS.


HealthTalk A.I. has become a workforce multiplier for CarePoint Health, helping them reduce administrative workload, while increasing patient retention and revenue.


After using the platform for only 1 month, CarePoint has produced the following results:

179 patients identified as out-of-network and no PCP

40 new patients have been scheduled 

$22,000 in new, monthly revenue

3,304 cold calls have been avoided 

Screen Shot 2023-08-02 at 2.32.47 PM.png

Dr. Achintya Moulick, MD, MBA, MCh
President & Chief Executive Officer
CarePoint Health

"At CarePoint Health, our mission is to deliver greater access of quality care through treating with compassion and leading with innovation to the communities we serve. We partnered with HealthTalk A.I. to help us better engage our patients and to empower them throughout their care journey at CarePoint Health. We’re excited about the future."

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